The Serengeti Serena Lodge Safari is the perfect way to experience all these happening. Custom-built safari vehicles, open-pop up roof for maximum viewing, allow all guests including children to be part of this splendor.

Family game drives can be arranged to have a break near the Grumeti River while out on a full day excursion. In the true nature of an African safari, you may see the herbivores resting with a predator or two waiting nearby, watching closely for signals of weakness from the herd that they can prance on. The safari vehicles can carry refreshments onboard, and the lodge staff may even prepare a picnic basket for the family. Meals can also be prepared for those who want to go on a day-long drive on their Serengeti tour.

Being a culturally rich place, the Serengeti Serena Lodge also offers other activities that can be enjoyed. You may go on a Serengeti balloon safari to see the spectacular plains from a bird’s eye view. This magnificent aerial Serengeti trip will allow you to view the plains and its residents from an unobtrusive location. Ride on a Serengeti balloon and witness the mating, grazing and simple life led by the animals. You can even dip lower and see the hippos resting in the waters. Breakfast is cooked in the bush for awaited guests who are on their last flight leg of admiration of the majestic landscape and stunning beauty created by nature and shaped by the elements through time. You can also enjoy bird watching, nature walks around the lodge as well as cultural and acrobatic shows. Surely, there is something for everyone to enjoy during this grand Tanzania vacation. A place full of history, culture and nature – this is what Serengeti Serena Lodge is all about. In the comforts of the lodge and all its amenities and features, you will enjoy the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer and be witness to an ancient practice of the wild. You will be part of the journey towards better pastures, and see the fight against hunger, thirst and predation, and experience the spectacle, grandeur and magnificence that the annual migration brings.


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