Lemala Ngorongoro is a deluxe seasonal camp set high on the rim of the largest unfilled volcanic crater in the world, in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania.

Upwards of 30,000 mammals can be found here, in the varied topography of the crater floor which comprises of marsh, river, forest, grassy plains and lakes, all within an area of 100 square miles. This makes it arguably the best dense game-spotting venue for a safari to Africa, where many rare and threatened species can be seen, including black rhinoceros and ancient male tusker elephants bearing giant sets of ivory.

Lemala Ngorongoro is one of closest accommodation to the crater floor, lying just inside the access gate. It takes only 15-20 minutes to make the descent, 2,000 feet through misty, montane rainforest. This makes a Lemala Ngorongoro safari the best possible way to see the amazing wildlife on the crater floor in true wilderness solitude, just as the animal residents start to venture abroad, and well ahead of other adventurers who have to drive around the crater rim before beginning the popular descent.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is ethically based on the concept of sustainable Africa travel in co-habitation with local wildlife and indigenous pastoral tribes so that there are unsurpassed opportunities to interact with the eye-opening culture of Maasai villagers whose cow-bells you can hear in the dawn. In addition, the camp boasts extraordinary levels of service and attention, making a true “Out of Africa” experience within an authentic, tented camp safari ambience in Ngorongoro. Except for April and May, when the rains are heavy, the camp is open all through the rest of the year.